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Pandora Bracelets are have become the perfect way to tell the world all about you without saying asisterpandoracharm word just by wearing beautiful jewelry. Each charm added to your Pandora bracelet tells a another story about you, your life and what you love. Pandora, along with so many other charm and bead companies offer charms for just about everything in the world. If you travel, there are chars and beads representing different places all over the world. there are charms representing so many career choices as well as your zodiac sign, sororities, and any sports that you may have played. There are charms about sports teams both professional and college. If you are a fan of something, there is probably a charm for that. There are even Star Wars charms and other Disney related charms and bead available. If you are a big sister or a little sister, a mom or an aunt, there are charms available. So no matter what story you want to tell, all you have to do is add another charm to your bracelet.


The popular misconception with European style bracelets is that you have to buy the charms and beads based on the brand of bracelet you have.  That is just not true.  The most common bracelets are Pandora, Charmed Memories, Chamilia, Zable, Trollbeads, Biagi, Persona and Reflections.  Most all of the beads from each of these brands will fit onto the actual bracelet of the others.  Now there are even more companies making just the charms and beads to fit these bracelets without even making a bracelet of their own.  This means that the charms and beads don't have to cost a fortune every time you add another to your bracelet.

So if you are looking for a gift idea for her, don't worry about the brand of charm to match her bracelet, get the charm that matches her life.
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